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maintaining relationships

By Hannah Summers

June 23, 2022

Impact Communication Senior Client Managers Jamie Sargent and Hannah Summers had the opportunity to attend the AFP Icon Conference in Las Vegas in earlier this month. Here are some interesting takeaways Hannah learned during an engaging session about how families are making giving decisions.

As the role of women in families has evolved over the recent years, they are playing a larger part in making decisions about their families’ finances. Women’s Philanthropy Institute shared some interesting data that can help us as fundraisers prompt conversations and relationships with donors and increase giving.

Marriage has a positive effect on giving. Married men are more likely to give than single men. And for higher education fundraisers, it’s important to know that married couples are more likely to give to one or both of their alma maters.

Married women have more decision-making power now than ever before. When decision-making decisions around money have a sole decider in a family, it’s more likely to be the woman. If you are talking to heterosexual couples, make sure women are part of your conversations.

Most households see giving like a monthly bill. How can you make a longer, lasting relationship with your donors? Shift their thinking to see your mission as an investment rather than a bill.

Couples see giving as a way to connect. When discussing donations, couples find joy and connection together. When you ask for a gift, think about how you can provide this opportunity for partners to learn more about one another and have deeper conversations.

Information was provided from educational session, Fundraising from Couples: New Research on How Households Make Giving Decisions with Jeannie Sager and Jacqueline Ackerman at Women’s Philanthropy Institute.

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