Program Management


It’s the nature of our industry: You are incredibly busy. Building relationships with your donors is your top priority, but how do you find the time? Impact’s program management services give you more time to connect with donors. Whether we’re building out direct response campaign schedules or managing print partners, we help keep the trains running and the dollars flowing.

Design Management

Don’t let your great fundraising campaign fail because of bad design. Working with Impact’s group of dedicated design partners (or a designer of your choosing), Impact’s experienced Client Managers can save you time and produce materials that make a big impression on your donors.

Production Management

On-time fundraising execution is critical to your success. Upon request, Impact will work with you to create and manage project timelines, facilitate the creative review process, and ensure smooth collaboration among all vendor partners.

Vendor Collaboration and Recommendations

It takes a village to bring your fundraising campaigns to life. Impact has great working relationships with production companies, printers, digital and print designers, mail shops, and more. We believe in effective collaboration. Count on us to help you find the right partners for your project.

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