Our team of fundraising thinkers can assess your program and help you maximize your fundraising potential. Whether we’re providing comprehensive consulting services or assisting with a particular project, we bring many years of experience and a deep passion for your success to everything we do.

Multi-Channel Campaign Strategy

Donors have moved past one channel of communication. You’ll lose them if you aren’t doing the same. Meet donors where they are – not just in the mail but also in the email inbox, on social media, on the phone, and by text. The rewards for respecting your donors’ preferences include more effective fundraising and superior donor stewardship. Our multi-channel campaign consulting can help you integrate your case for giving across all platforms, giving a critical boost to your mission.

Reporting and Analysis

The only way to consistently improve fundraising performance is to learn from past campaigns – and the undeniable advantage of direct marketing is that it is measurable. Wisdom is waiting in your data. But finding those lessons takes expertise. We will help you analyze campaign results and discover new opportunities so you can chart an ever-improving path forward.


Is your messaging hitting the mark? Are you leaving fundraising money on the table? Does “business as usual” produce flat results? Impact can help you find answers through an expert, objective assessment of your fundraising communications, midlevel program, or planned giving campaigns. Our audits examine all parts of your program, using both quantitative and qualitative analysis to help you break old patterns, identify areas for growth, and plan for future fundraising wins.


Ready to take your fundraising team, C-Suite or Board of Directors to the next level? Impact’s experienced trainers offer half-day and day-long workshops in our core areas of expertise: storytelling, gift planning, and mid-level fundraising. We will work with you to customize trainings that meet your staff development needs and increase fundraising knowledge throughout your organization.