Tips on Digital Fundraising


By Jamie Sargent

May 26, 2022

Create a seamless donor experience. Did you know 7 in 100 prospective donors will click on a donate button but only 1 in 7 will complete their donation?

Carefully choose your call to action. While language such as “Learn More” and “Visit our Website” are commonly used, replacing these phrases with “Donate Now” or “Give Now” prove to be more powerful and effective.

Meet donors where they are. Most young prospective donors are interacting with your organization on their smart phones. Make it easy for them to give on their phones through your organization’s website and social media apps. Automatically link giving options such as Venmo and Apple Pay so they don’t have to enter their personal and payment information – instead it’s auto filled from their smart phone.

Build a community on social media. User generated content is far more valuable than anything your organization posts. Encourage members and viewers to engage with your organization on social media by asking questions, making comments, and encouraging them to post things to their personal channels. When you build a community online, prospective donors are more likely to engage and donate to you organization.

These takeaways came from two breakout sessions: Donors and Digital Adaption: What You Need to Know to Maximize Your Fundraising! and The New Rules of Digital Fundraising: How to Convert (and Keep!) More Digital Donors.

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