Priya Parker’s The Art of Gathering


By Heather Slack-Ratiu

October 17, 2022

We gather.

Gatherings take many different forms in our lives from impromptu dinners to weddings to funerals in our personal lives, and team meetings, conferences and galas at work.

In the Art of Gathering, Parker reminds us of the importance of gathering well. Following more than two years of a pandemic that often isolated us from family, friends and co-workers, the book urges us to not only consider where and when we gather, but how we gather.

Being thoughtful about “how” we gather creates increased opportunities for connection that warms our hearts and energizes our souls. Here are Parker’s key take-a-ways for creating your own meaningful gatherings:

1)    The why — decide why you are gathering and commit to a clear purpose.

2)    Who and where — determine who will be on your list and where the gathering will be.

3)    Your voice — consider your role as the host.

4)    The spice — make your gathering stand out.

5)    It’s in the details – from leading your guest up to the day to creating a passageway to launching with awe and honor.

6)    Make space – bring people close together with their common threads and create safe spaces and ground rules to navigate their points of conflict.

7)    The good-bye – the necessary elements of the “last call” and then, making your ceremonious “checkout.”

We highly recommend this book to create more meaningful gatherings in your life. Purchase this gem and all your books from some of our great local booksellers:  Mahogany Books or Loyalty Bookstore.

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