Promoting CGAs doesn’t cost a lot


By pdohan

April 26, 2022

The lingering economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have left many people feeling less secure about the future. If your organization offers Charitable Gift Annuities, now may be a very good time to increase your marketing outreach for these gifts because it provides donors secure income in return. With CGA rates scheduled to increase on July 1st, these gifts will be even more enticing to donors. And, the best part is, you can start with small and inexpensive steps.

Add a tab or page to your existing planned giving website to highlight the benefits of CGAs. Create a small insert, or buckslip, to enclose with your acknowledgement packages. Or feature a current CGA donor in your newsletter or magazine.
If your budget allows, sending out a direct mail appeal explaining the benefits of CGA gifts is highly effective. We recommend language such as “the gift that pays you back.” It’s also helpful to add a sample illustration to show donors how much they can earn.
Here are a few key benefits for donors that are worth including in your CGA promotion:

  • Earn Lifetime Income – Depending on the CGA amount, the donor will receive a fixed payment that lasts the duration of their life.
  • Save on Taxes – A donor may be eligible to take a charitable income tax deduction this year, if they itemize their deductions. And if they create a gift annuity using appreciated stock or mutual fund shares, they can save on capital gains taxes, too.
  • Leave A Lasting Legacy – After a donor passes, the remaining value of the annuity does not default to an insurance company. Instead, your charity will receive those assets. The annuitant can take pride in knowing the remaining value will support your mission. 

You can see why so many of our clients are investing resources in promoting Charitable Gift Annuities. A CGA is a great option for donors who are looking for an immediate charitable dedication and also want to lock in a source of lifetime income. Want to learn more? Give us a call.

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