Building Cross-Channel Relationships


By Hannah Summers

April 26, 2022

Data continues to show that multi-channel donors are the most valuable. They give larger amounts and more frequently than single-channel donors. In fact, according to Nonprofit Source, campaigns that use both direct mail and digital touches receive a 188% better response than those that rely on just direct mail. Here are five strategies to help integrate direct mail with online giving:

  1. Ensure the campaign design throughout the direct mail and digital platforms is consistent. Utilize the same design aesthetic, images, and messaging from the direct mail package in your emails, social media posts, and even light boxes when donors visit your organization’s website.
  2. Prime donors with cultivation emails. Some of the most successful campaigns start with sending donors a cultivation email to arrive just before the direct mail package hits homes to remind donors about the impact they are making with their gifts. Then they will be more likely to give when they see the letter in their mailboxes a couple days later.
  3. Include QR codes – they’re making a comeback. They can serve as a way to grab donors’ attention in direct mail packages and make it easier for donors to respond. In fact, one case study showed that including a QR code on the reply form doubled the number of donations and tripled the amount of income!
  4. Utilize USPS Informed Delivery. This is an easy and free way to add a digital touchpoint to a direct mail campaign. You can literally show what is coming in the mail and even link to the donation page.
  5. Collect email addresses. Always ask for donors’ email addresses on direct mail reply forms. Every email address you have is extremely valuable to your bottom line.

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