8 Must-Have Components of a Winning Case Statement

By Kathy Swayze

March 1, 2019

Case statements come in many sizes and shapes—but they all aim to convince your donors to invest in the mission of your organization.  To make sure you have a winning case statement, include these 8 elements:

  1. Use a Theme — This is how you grab the reader and get them to turn the page. Connects to donor values.
  2. Define the Need — What is the problem you are trying to solve? What will happen if you don’t do this? What will the world look like in 5 years if you do?
  3. Position Your Organization — Describe how your organization is uniquely positioned to meet the need head on. What you do that nobody else can do.
  4. Tout Your Credentials — Wave the flag about your history, reputation, credibility.  Tell them about your track record on these issues.
  5. Communicate Urgency — Remind the reader of how pressing the need is and why it must be dealt with immediately.
  6. Convey Impact — Position your donors in the case and show them how they can change the world by supporting your organization.
  7. Share the Plan — Describe your action plan and what will be required financially to achieve it. Note that this is only one small part of the overall case.
  8. Connect to Donor Values — Most importantly, you need to connect all of this to the donor’s values, aspirations, desires and fears. Remember, your “ask” should always be based on why the donor loves your organization, not on what your organization needs.

– Posted by Kathy Swayze

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