Your Donation Page Matters


By Jamie Sargent

May 20, 2021

If someone is visiting your donation page, it’s usually not by chance. Ensure your site is fully optimized, branded, and engaging so prospective donors have no reason to navigate away.

Branding matters. By creating a more seamless transition from your website to your donation page, donors are more likely to feel their giving experience is simple and transparent. Avoid redirecting donors to third-party sites. They may worry the site is not authentic and therefore may hesitate to give. Branding all of your pages is an easy way to build credibility with donors. 

Evoke emotion with compelling photos. If a someone visits your page and feels an emotional connection with your cause, they’re more likely to give. Consider using a photo of a person who is looking at the camera. These tend to be the most effective photos for fundraising.

Provide suggested giving amounts. If someone wants to make a gift of $20 and their options are $10, $25, $50, and $100, they’re likely to click the $25 option. Use this to your advantage. Strategically select suggested donation amounts. And when possible, explain what $25 towards your organization can provide for such as, “Your gift of $25 today will provide lunch for one student for one week.”







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