‘Tis the Season to be Thankful


By Hannah Summers

November 20, 2020

Just like many of you, the Impact team is going on month eight of working remotely. When we left our desks back in March, it was hard to imagine we would still be working from our homes all these months later. It has been challenging at times and we really miss each other—and our clients. But during this season of thanks, we wanted to reflect on what we’ve learned to appreciate about working from home.

  1. Rocking a COVID-casual outfit during the workday. Nothing feels better than getting to wear comfy sweatpants or leggings every day!
  2. That espresso machine is finally earning its keep. Some of us have children to teach while working at the same time, and caffeine has never been more important.
  3. Our furry co-workers. By providing us comfort and reminding us to take some breaks away from the screen, Finley, Lavinia, Lucille, and Roxanne have shown themselves to be amazing colleagues.
  4. Extra time in the morning. The new shorter commute from our bedrooms to our home offices gives us more time to enjoy some extra sleep or more time with a good book.
  5. Neighbors. When you stay home for days and weeks on end, it gives you a chance to get to know the people who live right next door. . . and some of them are pretty cool.
  6. No need to pack a lunch. Staying home for work means access to the kitchen all day long. Our at-home lunches can be much more interesting than the quick microwave meals we keep at the office!

-By Hannah Summers


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