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By Kathy Swayze

September 2, 2021

Many social good organizations had a great fundraising year in 2020 and are doing well so far in 2021. Why? Many, though certainly not all people, had more disposable income. Donors were generous with the money they didn’t spend on vacations, restaurants, theater tickets and more during the pandemic lockdowns.

That means you probably have more NEW donors than ever and lots of existing donors that have given MORE. This is fabulous!

But it’s what you do in the coming months that will make all the difference in whether you keep those new donors and sustain those new higher levels of giving. So make this your mantra for the rest of 2021:          




Yes, you should be spending money on the following things:

  • Welcome emails and letters
  • Impact reports: tell them how you are spending the money and how it’s making a difference
  • Extra thank you notes and thank you calls (get your Board members involved for the largest donors)
  • Invitations to zoom webinars or conference calls with your program staff
  • Gifts with your logo to help reinforce the donor’s connection to your brand
  • An impact story into your acknowledgement package with a small buckslip

What other things are you doing to show your donors the love? Drop a comment below to share your ideas!                   

If there was ever a year to spend money on stewardship… this is that year. Fight for it in your budget and it will pay off.

p.s. Coming soon… Sustainers! Sustainers! Sustainers! Step 2 to maximizing the gains of the COVID bump.

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