Put Your Donors First


By Hannah Summers

June 18, 2021

Donors want to know they’re needed. Giving is a generous act and it makes them feel good, but knowing they have a direct impact on the work your organization is doing makes them feel even better.

When writing a fundraising letter, whether it’s an appeal or cultivation piece, the donor must be put at the center. They want to know that your organization is able to make a difference because of their donation. Connect the donor directly to your work.

 Talking about your organization and what your organization needs is self-centered. To be donor-centered, talk about the work of your organization out in the world and connect that directly to your donors’ gift. It’s sometimes quite difficult, but I’ve gotten in the habit of doing to ensure my work is donor-centered, is remove anywhere I say “us” or “we” and replace with “you.” Tell the donor exactly how their money will be used or exactly how is has been used and let them know they are the ones making a direct difference, not your organization.

View some specific examples on how to revise your work to be more donor-centric here from Fired Up Fundraising.








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