Mastering Mid-Level Messaging

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By Kathy Swayze

June 30, 2023

It’s not a secret. By combining major gifts and direct response strategies, mid-level messaging deeply engages non-profit donors to foster stronger relationships and increased revenue for your organization. Here are the key principles for crafting personalized and impactful mid-level messaging that resonates with donors and amplifies their connection to your mission.

What Do Donors Really Want?

To Have an Impact:

  • Paint a grand picture of how your organization will change the world.
  • Regularly share results and acknowledge donors’ pivotal role in achieving shared goals.
  • Advance your mission to motivate; while perks are nice, don’t rely solely on them. 

To Be Connected:

  • Grant exclusive access to organizational leaders and facilitate opportunities for donors to meet like-minded peers.
  • Make donors feel like part of the family. 

To Feel Special:

  • Provide insider information, ensuring donors are the first to know about exciting news.
  • Show genuine recognition and appreciation through personalized stewardship efforts.
  • Assign a dedicated contact for their questions to increase personalization.

 How to Craft Effective Mid-Level Messaging

 Create a Compelling Case for Giving:

  • Inspire donors by articulating your mission, vision, and long-term impact.
  • Use concrete examples and stories to illustrate power of their support. 

Detailed Plans, Involved Donors:

  • Give donors a behind-the-scenes look at your plans and strategies.
  • Seek their feedback and suggestions, demonstrating their valued input.
  • Incorporate their ideas when feasible, strengthening their engagement.

 Show Your Signer’s Personality:

  • Infuse messaging with the signer’s authentic voice to provide glimpses into your signer’s passion, commitment, and expertise.

 Embrace Longer Copy:

  • Don’t shy away from longer letters and emails; mid-level donors crave information.
  • Offer captivating storytelling; ensure content justifies the length to sustain engagement.

Invest in Memorable Packages:

  • Allocate resources for high-quality, personalized materials with enhanced production value, appealing design, and exclusive content.

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