If You Don’t Ask, You Won’t Get


By Hannah Summers

March 18, 2021

One of the biggest rules in fundraising is that you won’t raise money if you don’t ask. But it’s important to make sure you’re asking effectively and in a way that gets donors to respond. The article, “Step up your ask with these proven strategies,” published by Fired Up Fundraising outlines two methods that will ensure you get donors to give their best donation.


  1. The Gap Approach: Donors want tangible examples about how their donations have helped the mission of your organization and how you will use their money in the future. This approach gives the donor a clear picture of what you can achieve and the gap that will be filled with their gift.


  1. The MPI Fundraising Formula: Money + Purpose = Impact. Ask the donor for a specific amount of money, describe what purpose will be served with that money, and illustrate the impact the gift will make on your organization’s mission. By telling donors how their money will be used, you will build their trust and have more confidence in knowing where their money is going.


Donors want to feel needed and want to know that their money is making a difference. These strategies put the donor first and excites them about what your organization can do with their contributions, making them more likely to write a larger check.

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