Howard University Seeks Justice

By Jamie Sargent

July 2, 2020

We are so proud to work with Howard University as they lead the charge for real change. Howard has deep-seated roots as a leader in the fight for social and racial justice. As our nation begins deeper conversations about racism, Howard’s faculty, staff and students are playing critical roles in the movement for racial justice.

In early June, DC residents’ First Amendment rights were threatened. Law enforcement attacked and injured dozens of protesters using tear-gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets.

Three days later, Howard University School of Law’s Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights Center filed a lawsuit requesting a temporary injunction to lift DC’s curfew to allow protesters to exercise their freedom of speech. Shortly after, the start time of the curfew was delayed to 11 PM and it was eventually eliminated altogether.

Faculty, staff, students and the entire Howard community are playing an active role in discussing the passage of laws and policies that eliminate discrimination. Howard recently hosted a panel discussion on police injustice to discuss dangerous “stand your ground” laws, “no knock” warrants, and other urgently needed changes to protect Black lives.

Just like Howard, we all must continue to educate, engage, donate, demand, march, protest, sue, and vote.

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