How to Use Social Media & Digital Strategies to Build Community and Drive Donations

Fundraise-on Social-Media

By Jamie Sargent

August 12, 2021

During the Bridge conference, I enjoyed the session, How to Use Social Media & Digital Strategies to Build Community and Drive Donations led by social media and digital fundraising expert Julia Campbell and Social Marketing Content Manager for Susan G. Komen® Josh Hirsch. Here are four strategies they shared to build and deepen relationships with prospects and donors using social media.

Add digital communications. Don’t replace the direct mail, phone calls, or other traditional communication methods that are currently working – add in digital communication to enhance them. It’s important to talk with donors in multiple channels because the platform where someone interacts with your organization the most isn’t always the same one where they choose to donate.

Get emotional. Every fundraising post should appeal to at least one of the following: ethos (credibility), logos (logic), or pathos (emotions). But be careful you don’t solely rely on statistics because emotional content is more likely to get people to act.

Build community. Social media provides the space for anyone to rally together around a common cause. Over the past year, there was such an increased desire – and need – for connectedness and belonging. Focus on building communities with your messaging rather than only seeking transactions.

Repurpose and recycle. As fundraisers, we spend so much time writing great content – newsletters, appeals, thank you letters, blogs, and emails. Re-purpose it! If people see an inspirational story on two different platforms then you’re doing something right. They are not going to get upset about it. It’s more likely to stick in their mind – especially if it’s a great story.


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