The Black Grassroots Are Strong

By Kathy Swayze

June 19, 2020

Washington, DC has been at the center of so many battles to achieve our nation’s highest aspiration: liberty and justice for all. Over the past few days, we have watched and learned from the courageous Black activists here in our city who are literally fighting for their lives and those of their families.

To our Black friends and colleagues: We see you. We refuse to ignore your pain. We are listening.

This is a time for us to listen to Black voices. To read and educate ourselves about dismantling racism. And to ask what we can each do to address the inequity and injustice in our country and right here in our own city.

Today, the Impact team wants to amplify the essential justice-seeking work being done in D.C. by three local grassroots organizations. We encourage all of our friends looking to learn more about the work being done in our community to check them out and consider supporting them in whatever way you can.

ONE DC is building political power for disenfranchised District residents and creating equity through grassroots organizing.

Stop Police Terror Project-DC was created in the wake of Michael Brown’s brutal murder in Missouri, and works to upend systemic racism in our Metropolitan Police Department.

Empower DC conducts community organizing around many issues facing low-income D.C. neighborhoods, including preventing the displacement of Black residents whose homes are threatened by gentrification.

These are just a few organizations bringing people together to fight for racial and economic justice here at home, and we look to our community to lift up others. Please tell us about other racial justice organizations doing the work on the ground here in D.C.—or share how you are doing your part to help the movement for Black lives.

– Kathy Swayze, CFRE

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