Acting Quickly Pays Stewardship Dividend . . . and dollars

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By Impact Team

January 29, 2020

In early November, 2019 the American Council on Gift Annuities announced lower recommended CGA rates that would take effect in less than eight weeks, on January 1, 2020. Impact reached out to our planned giving clients to suggest promoting CGAs before the rates went down.

Nicole Engdahl, Senior Vice President of Planned and Annual Giving at the National Park Foundation, seized the opportunity. We worked with her to create a quick email push for donors who had previously expressed interest in planned giving.

According to Engdahl, “I think our donors would want to know about the opportunity to secure a higher rate. Even if they decide now is not the best time for them to create a CGA, I know they will appreciate knowing that the Foundation is thinking of their best interests ahead of our own.”

She was right! The National Park Foundation closed four new CGAs in December after sending out the email. But for Nicole, the ‘good will’ the message engendered with their donors goes even further. “I want them know they can trust us to share important news,” says Nicole.

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