A Unique Moment for Marketing Planned Gifts

Planned Giving

By Meg Roberts

April 16, 2020

We often say that it is important to market planned gifts consistently throughout the year because we never know when our donors are updating their wills or considering their legacy. We provide a steady stream of information in the hopes that our donors will consult it when they are ready to make their plans.

And yet, when budgets get tight, planned giving marketing is one of the first items to be cut.

I know many organizations are worried about meeting their fundraising goals these days. And many of these same organizations also have increased costs now as they adapt and increase their services at this challenging time.

But please listen to me:

Do not stop marketing planned gifts now.

Here’s why:

Lawyers, on-line will writing services, and financial advisers are all reporting a huge increase in people reaching out to update or create estate plans. (see https://www.npr.org/2020/03/28/823071317/how-to-make-your-estate-plan-amid-the-coronavirus-pandemic



We don’t usually know when a donor is ready to write a will. But we know that right now, many of our donors ARE making their plans.

We have worked for years to establish the planned giving profession as a resource to donors. “We’re here to help,” we say. So please, don’t abandon those donors now. Now is the time to be there for them with helpful information and advice to help them leave a lasting mark on this world.

Donors are reaching out to planning professionals for help right now. Many will choose to include causes they are passionate about in their plans. It might as well be yours.


-By Meg Roberts

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